Webinar 4b: Serious Gaming: Enabling Stakeholder Dialogue and Decision Making

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    03 Mar 2022
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    13:00 – 14:30
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Date: 3 March 2022
Time: 13:00-14:30 (CET)

Serious gaming is increasingly used as a tool to facilitate interaction, communication and learning across sectors. The game environment takes participants out of their everyday context and into a space where they can freely explore the effect of decisions, without impacting tangible world assets. Ultimately, a critical reflection on the game experience helps participants to bring learning from the game into practice.

As water scarcity becomes an increasing problem around the world, we must find novel ways to understand problems, work together and share this valuable resource. In the water sector, serious gaming can raise stakeholder awareness and learning about water supply and demand in a specific region. It can also enable water utilities to understand their internal interactions and operations better. Additionally, it can support water utilities to better interact with their customers and stakeholders, so as to build understanding and consensus on water uses and allocation.

In this webinar we present four serious games that can support the water sector on (1) water supply and demand problems; (2) water assets management; (3) water-energy-food-climate nexus interlinkages; and (4) circular economy strategies and solutions.

  • Opening and introduction (Henk-Jan van Alphen, KWR)
  • Serious Game Integrated Asset Management (Henk-Jan van Alphen, KWR)
  • Serious Game water demand and supply in Groningen region (Dirk van der Woerdt, WLN)
  • Serious Game WEFLC Nexus – SIM4NEXUS (Stefania Munaretto, KWR)
  • NextGen Serious Game demonstration (Mehdi Khoury, Exeter University)
  • Questions and general discussion

The webinar, organised by KWR’s Joint Research Programme of the Dutch and Flemish drinking water sector and Watershare, will take place on 3 March 2022 from 13:00-14:30 (NL local time). The webinar on enabling stakeholder dialogue and decision making is the fifth in the ‘Sharing International Experiences on Water Supply’ webinar series.

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