Toxicology on Target

The domain of toxicological risk assessment is constantly evolving and it is essential to follow these developments closely. It has been noted that an adequate response to water quality issues requires the ongoing development of knowledge and experience in the areas of estimating exposure and the assessment of toxicological risk.

This study focuses on developing methods for the various essential components of risk assessment and the application of new toxicological models and testing systems. The approach in this project consists of collecting knowledge from the literature, from ongoing projects on new toxicology models and toxicity studies, and from participation in courses. This knowledge is evaluated in terms of its applicability and discussed with experts from inside and outside the organisation. The new methods are applied and tested in current case studies, and set out in a compact manual that targets applications in drinking water practice.

This project focuses on sharing and anchoring the knowledge developed at KWR and in Sector Research, backed up by consultations with a supervisory committee about the approach and effectiveness of the deliverables for the systematic assessment of the risks of realistic levels of exposure to substances. The results of the deployment of the deliverables from this project can be used to make decisions about challenges relating to chemical water quality. In this way, we are contributing to future-resilient drinking water practice in which decisions about measures for the production of healthy and safe drinking water are better substantiated and in which the Dutch and Flemish drinking water companies can prioritise those measures more effectively.