Scientific papers, specialised articles, reports


The results of our scientific research are presented through publications. The publication of our knowledge is important for us not only because it strengthens our scientific reputation but also because it benefits society.

Scientific output

Peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals are vital for a research institute. The assessment of our research work by other scientists strengthens its quality, independence and authority. It also builds scientific stature, a prerequisite for national and international recognition as a leading institute, and for success in Dutch and European research programmes.

Because our research is taking on more and more of an international character, our researchers are increasingly co-authoring articles with colleagues at institutes abroad.

Every year we present the Willem Koerselman Award to the KWR researcher(s) whose peer-reviewed article was most cited over the preceding year.

  • 2015: Lutchmiah K., Verliefde A.R.D., Roest K., Rietveld L.C., Cornelissen E.R., Forward osmosis for application in wastewater treatment: A review in Water Research
  • 2014: Thomas K.V., Bijlsma L., Castiglioni S., Covaci A., Emke E., Grabic R., Hernandez F., Karolak S., Kasprzyk-Hordern B., Lindberg R.H., Lopez de Alda M., Comparing illicit drug use in 19 European cities through sewage analysis in Science of the Total Environment
  • 2013: Wols B.A., Hofman-Caris C.H.M., Review of photochemical reaction constants of organic micropollutants required for UV advanced oxidation processes in water in Water Research
  • 2012: Cornelissen E.R., Harmsen D., de Korte K.F., Ruiken C.J., Qin J.-J., Oo H., Wessels L.P., Membrane fouling and process performance of forward osmosis membranes on activated sludge in Journal of Membrane Science
  • 2011: Ordonez J.C., Van Bodegom P.M., Witte J.-P.M., Wright I.J., Reich P.B., Aerts R., A global study of relationships between leaf traits, climate and soil measures of nutrient fertility in Global Ecology and Biogeography
  • 2010: Hijnen W.A.M., Beerendonk E.F., Medema G.J., Inactivation credit of UV radiation for viruses, bacteria and protozoan (oo)cysts in water: A review in Water Research
  • 2009: Koerselman W., Meuleman A.F.M., The vegetation N:P ratio: A new tool to detect the nature of nutrient limitation in Journal of Applied Ecology

Publications for water sector professionals

As a publicly-oriented knowledge institute, we attach great value to our output in the shape of reports and specialised articles. These publications render our results visible and usable for the Dutch and international water sectors, so that society can benefit from our knowledge. Over the past few years, the number of KWR articles in trade publications has risen steadily.

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