• Allied Waters

    Allied Waters

    Allied Waters is a public-private partnership (PPP) dedicated to commercialising game-changing innovations in the water cycle with the…

  • Aqua Research Collaboration (ARC)

    Aqua Research Collaboration (ARC)

    ARC is a European collaboration of public knowledge parties that brings different water sector players together in a…

  • Collective research on Water in the Circular Economy  (WiCE)
    Research program

    Collective research on Water in the Circular Economy (WiCE)

    Our society and economy are dependent on natural resources, such as raw materials, water and energy. Today, these…

  • Dune water company joint research (DPWE)
    Research program

    Dune water company joint research (DPWE)

    The DPWE programme is the joint research programme of the four dune water companies: Dunea, PWN, Waternet and Evides. KWR coordinates the programme and conducts the research in partnership with Het Waterlaboratorium (HWL). The research focuses on sources,...

  • EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

    EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

    KWR is available as a Test Body under the programme for Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), which the European…

  • European research
    Research program

    European research

    KWR’s participation in Horizon 2020 and other European research projects underlines the importance that we, as an applied…

  • Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC)

    Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC)

    The GWRC is an international research and knowledge-sharing network. KWR is one of the 14 collaborating organisations that…

  • Joint Research Programme with the water utilities
    Research program

    Joint Research Programme with the water utilities

    Water utilities face the challenge of providing sufficient, safe and healthy drinking water. At KWR we have been working with the water utilities for the water sector in our Joint Research Programme (‘BTO’ in its Dutch abbreviation) since...

  • TKI Water Technology
    Research program

    TKI Water Technology

    TKI Water Technology focuses on innovation themes in the areas of resource efficiency, smart water systems and sustainable…

  • Universities


    By collaborating with universities, KWR is at the vanguard of scientific developments and their application in (drinking) water…

  • Water Europe

    Water Europe

    Water Europe is a European technology platform aimed at overcoming the fragmentation of the European water sector. A…

  • Watershare


    Watershare is a worldwide network of water research organisations and utilities dedicated to delivering equitable water solutions for all. We bridge research to practice on pressing water sector issues through global to local collaboration. By sharing knowledge, expertise...

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

    World Health Organization (WHO)

    KWR has been a Collaborating Centre (CC) on Water Quality and Health of the World Health Organization WHO…