Water-soluble polymers – Eyes and ears for Chemical Safety 2019-2020

Water-soluble polymers are often neglected because they are not covered by the definition of microplastics and are not visible. As a result, very little is still known about these soluble polymers in the aquatic environment.

Research is therefore being conducted into whether these polymers can be an environmental hazard based on their toxicity, ecotoxicity and degradation. This also involves identifying the products and sources of these substances. Finally, the research will look at the analytical methods now available for monitoring polymers in the environment.

This project will provide insight into the sources, toxicity and degradation of soluble polymers in the environment. An overview of the current analytical methods for detecting water-soluble polymers will also be provided, a goal that is proving to be challenging. It is therefore important to raise awareness of the presence of these substances in the environment.