“Recognising water for its value”

Annual Review 2020

Health, sustainability and collaboration are the building stones of KWR’s strategy to contribute to a climate-robust water system and a water-inclusive society. This was the vision stated by Professor Dragan Savic FREng at the time of the publication of the KWR 2020 Annual Review.

Dragan Savic explains the strategy in the Foreword to the 2020 Annual Review. He also sets out his vision of KWR’s contribution to a water-inclusive society: “We are reaching out to the world with our knowledge and looking for cohesion. By that, I mean a water-inclusive society in which water is recognised for its value, not its cost. And in which we establish links between the sustainable use of water, energy, food and health. With our partners Watershare, Allied Waters and WHO, KWR represents the perfect alliance for making progress towards inclusive water.”


The annual review not only looks back at events in 2020 but also ahead. On the basis of five interviews with KWR experts, the publication describes the developments in KWR’s focus areas:

Read the complete KWR 2020 Annual Review here.