Global expertise for local water challenges

Watershare is a worldwide network of water research organisations and utilities dedicated to delivering equitable water solutions for all. We bridge research to practice on pressing water sector issues through global to local collaboration.

By sharing knowledge, expertise and resources between global researchers, utilities, and solution providers Watershare aims to develop and implement innovations for a resilient water future and contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6).

Watershare’s background

Water utilities, research organisations and solution providers all over the world face similar issues in the design and management of infrastructures for the provision of water. They deal with the same developments and needs – for example, demographic changes, climate issues, ageing assets, scarce resources, demands for more sustainable strategies and operations. But the knowledge produced is frequently fragmentary in nature and not accessible to all.  In 2012, KWR Water Research Institute set up Watershare as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The Watershare network

Watershare is an international network of water utilities, research organisations and solution providers committed to sharing knowledge, expertise and resources. Members collaborate and implement innovations for a resilient water future and contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6). Watershare currently has 26 highly involved members, as well as 4 regional hubs, for local knowledge building and sharing.

Watershare: sharing knowledge and expertise

Governments the world over have the responsibility of supplying their populations with healthy drinking water and treating their sewage and wastewater safely. But in many countries, the water sectors charged with this task are very fragmented. This makes it difficult to find solutions for large, complex and often global challenges like climate change, sustainability and urbanisation.  The Watershare platform enables members from all over the world to share their expertise, experience and networks while preserving their own identity and independence. The four regional hubs facilitate local implementation of the knowledge, and at the same time, they bring to the platform local challenges and expertise.

For more information: www.watershare.eu