Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC)

Collaboration and knowledge development for global water challenges

The GWRC is an international research and knowledge-sharing network. KWR is one of the 14 collaborating organisations that are members of the coalition. Besides being a dependable source of top-quality scientific and technical knowledge for water managers and policy-makers, the GWRC also contributes to the effective use of research resources for a decisive response to global water challenges.

Global network of leading research institutes

The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) is a global network of leading research institutes in the water sector, which is dedicated to research and knowledge sharing. The members harmonise their research agendas and conduct joint projects. Thanks to transnational scientific research, the GRWC disposes of the knowledge needed to address the increasingly complex and global challenges facing today’s water sector.

Founded in 2002 as a non-profit organisation, the GWRC has the goal of stimulating collaboration in innovative water research. KWR is one of the coalition’s 13 research institute members. We contribute our own knowledge and expertise and use the opportunity offered by GWRC’s network to generate new knowledge. Altogether, the GWRC represents the interests of a constituency of over 500 million consumers, which significantly magnifies the implementation potential of the global water research.

Effective, cost-saving collaboration

KWR is a member of the GWRC board and joint developer of its research agenda. We harmonise our own research within the network with the ongoing research programmes of the other members. This makes for an effective and cost-saving collaboration.

This list gives an idea of our GWRC research subjects:

  • Energy and water, with a focus on a global inventory of best practices in efficient design and operational management in the drinking water and wastewater sector.
  • Microplastics, antibiotic resistance, risk assessment, microbial indicators and support for standardisation in molecular methods.
  • Monitoring of hormone disrupting substances.

Dependable source of top-quality water knowledge

For water managers and policy-makers the GWRC is a dependable source of top-quality scientific and technical knowledge. By collaborating within the international network of experts, KWR contributes to the effective use of research resources to decisively address global challenges concerning drinking water, wastewater and renewable water resources.