EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

KWR is available as a Test Body under the programme for Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), which the European Commission offers to suppliers of new innovative environmental technologies. This programme was designed to help them successfully introduce their technology to the market. To this end, they can have a third party deliver a Statement of Verification about the performance characteristics of their technology, based on internationally recognised ISO standards. An independent ETV report, founded on reliable test results, offers potential purchasers additional confidence beyond that given by the proposers’ own information on the performance of their technology. This lessens the technological risk for those who purchase and invest in the technology, and can thereby improve its market introducton and/or market share.

How ETV works

In the ETV process, at the initiative of the developer or supplier of the product or technology, the technology is assessed by a Verification Body accredited by the EU according to ISO 17020.  The developer or supplier contacts one of the Verification Bodies, after which they together establish the performance claims to be assessed and the test protocol. An independent third party is engaged as a Test Body to carry out the tests. The Test Body subjects the technology to the assessments established in the test protocol and documents the results. The Verification Body then verifies the performance on the basis of the test results according to ISO 14034, and on this basis delivers a Verification Statement in which the performance and other findings are reported. The ETV is currently open for technologies in the following areas: Water Treatment and Monitoring, Energy Technologies or Materials, Waste and Resources. More information about the ETV is available here.

Test Body services by KWR

KWR is an independent knowledge institution active at the interface of science, the private sector and society, with a strong focus on the translation of knowledge to implementable, practical solutions for end-users in the water sector. KWR disposes of state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and an own test facility. KWR is accredited ISO 9001 and 14001, and the laboratory also has NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Within the ETV framework, KWR provides services as a Test Body for the conduct of the necessary tests in-house at KWR, or (on a larger scale) onsite.

As a Test Body, KWR:

  • supports the establishment of the test protocol together with the technology supplier and the Verification Body
  • conducts the tests
  • records the results
  • supports the communication with the Verification Body in the verificaton process.

KWR facilities – state-of-the-art test facility and laboratory.

For more information about KWR’s services as an ETV Test Body, you can contact Dr Joep van den Broeke.


The ETV programme is an initiative within the framework of the European Commission’s Eco-Innovation Action Plan.