Allied Waters

Public-private partnerships to commercialise knowledge internationally

Allied Waters is a public-private partnership (PPP) dedicated to commercialising game-changing innovations in the watercycle with the aim of contributing to the circular economy. KWR is a knowledge partner in Allied Waters and sees it as a valuable means of translating science for the market. Products acquire added value through their incorporation of innovative, specific knowledge.

Driving the circular economy

The Allied Waters Foundation is an international public-private partnership dedicated to game-changing innovations in the watercycle that drive the circular economy. To this end, knowledge institutions cooperate with ambitious business enterprises, with the Dutch water sector serving as a reference. Allied Waters reflects the ambition to create solutions to key water problems, both within and outside of Europe.

Translating knowledge for the market

KWR sees Allied Waters as a valuable means of translating science for the market. As a knowledge institute, we sit on the board of Allied Waters together with representatives from the public sector and business community. We are the knowledge partner in the SALutions Collab: the first Allied Waters partnership, which is directed at the commercialisation of subsurface water storage methods – Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS). The second collab is UPcycles, which concerns the reuse and upcycling of residuals from drinking water treatment processes.

Within Allied Waters, the collabs are the drivers behind the research and innovation. Collabs are carefully selected teams consisting of members from one research institute, one company and (optionally) one end-user. They form a unique combination of expert knowledge, practical experience and research, advice and technology.

Added value through innovative, specific knowledge

Allied Waters develops and commercialises sustainable products and services for the global market. Building on the water sector’s existing knowledge and experience, unique products and services find their way to the market, providing added value thanks to their incorporation of innovative, specific knowledge.