Building Liveable Cities Together

Human Cities Coalition (HCC) launch event on 20 April in Amsterdam

The Human Cities Coalition is a public-private partnership of organizations from business, government, NGOs and academia dedicated to making cities more inclusive and sustainable. The goal is to end slums as a result of rapid urbanization. This calls for new approach.

Impressive line-up of the launch event

Among the speakers of the launch event were: Ton Büchner (CEO AkzoNobel),  Jan Peter Balkenende (Former Dutch Prime Minister and Chairman of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition), Lilianne Ploumen (Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation), and  Reina Buijs (Deputy Director General for International Cooperation, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

KWR Watercycle Research Institute is partner of HCC

KWR generates knowledge to enable the water sector to operate water-wisely in our urbanised society. Our scientific findings and the resulting practical innovations contribute, worldwide, to a sustainable water provision in the urban watercycle. KWR contributes to HCC with , among other things, its City Blueprint Approach to map out the city water infrastructure of Manila and Jakarta. We will also contribute practically to any further follow-up on the water and waste water challenges in slums.

City Blueprints of both Manila and Jakarta have already been assessed and now brings the total of cities that have been assessed with the City Blueprint Approach to 61 cities in more than 30 different countries. The Blue City Index (BCI) scores of both Manila and Jakarta are relatively low. There is a very clear inverse relation between the percentage of the urban population living in slums and the BCI scores.

Partners of the Human Cities Coalition at the Launch event in Amsterdam (20 April 2017)