BTO Festival Week 2021

Event details

From Monday, 8 February, through to Thursday, 11 February, KWR and the water utilities are organising the ‘BTO Festival Week’! (‘BTO’ is the Dutch acronym for the Joint Research Programme of KWR and the water utilities). This is the online event on the latest results of the collective research of the drinking water sector and KWR.

During the BTO Festival Week, experts from KWR and the water utilities will make daily presentations about the outcomes of the many Joint Research Programme projects. The event is the corona-proof variant of the biennial BTO Research Meeting. Rather than holding a single online full-day meeting, KWR has chosen to spread the event over a week, offering an exciting daily programme of short webinars and videos.

Programme (provisional)

9.00-9.30 Festive openingby Anne Mathilde Hummelen (Programme Manager, Joint Research Programme) and Jan Peter van der Hoek (Director of Innovation, Waternet)
8 februari9.30-10.00 VO trend research Andrew Segrave
8 februari12.00-13.00 WiCE: Drought & Water Availability Marjolein van Huijgevoort, Joep van de Broeke, Janine de Wit
9 februari9.00-10.00 Dune re-contamination Gijsbert Cirkel
9 februari9.30-10.00 Costumer Stijn Brouwer
9 februari12.00-12.30 Organic micros Bas Wols
10 februari9.30-10.00 Serious game Ralph Beuken
10 februari9.30-10.00 Analysis of Microbial Safety of Drinking Water (AMVD) Patrick Smeets
10 februari12.00-13.00 International distribution research Dragan Savic
11 februari9.00-10.00 AIR (to be confirmed) Peter van Thienen
11 februari16.00-16.30 Meet & Greet KWR’s Chief Science Officers Interview met Milou Dingemans en Ruud Bartholomeus door Anne Mathilde Hummelen
11 februari16.30-17.00 Presentation of BTO Implementation Award by Annette Ottolini (Director, Evides Waterbedrijf)

BTO Implementation Award

Over the course of the week, KWR and the water utilities will announce the names of the three nominees for the BTO Implementation Award. On Thursday, 11 February, during a live broadcast at KWR, the award will be presented by Annette Ottolini (Director, Evides Waterbedrijf, and chair of the Joint Research Programme’s Coordinating Consultation Committee). This biennial prize rewards successful collaborations between the professionals from the water utilities/Vewin and KWR researchers, which results in the knowledge being applied in practice.


If you are a partner in the Joint Research Programme, you can register for the festival here.