KWR research continues during Corona Crisis

KWR’s research and services continue during the Corona crisis. We have made a distinction according to the level of urgency, in particular with regards to drinking water supply which is a national part of the vital infrastructure (cat. A), a part of the vital infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Crises and other Emergencies

Our crisis experts remain operational at all times: the Water Phone (24/7, for drinking water companies) and our laboratories for urgent matters.

The availability of our experts is also guaranteed in the event of a crisis: CET-md (Crisis Expert Team Environment and Drinking Water), CET-sn (Crisis Expert Team Radiation and Nuclear) and LLN-ta (National Laboratory Network for Terrorist Attacks).

Our Labs are Operational

Activities in our building in Nieuwegein are now limited but those in our Microbiology and Chemical laboratories continue, they are performing analyzes which cannot be postponed. Individual tasks will discussed with respective clients on a case-by-case basis.

We are available

KWR researchers are working from home and are contactable by email or telephone. Until June 1st external and internal meetings are taking place via video or telephone conference, this allows us to continue to work together with our clients and partners. KWR’s building is closed until 6 April.

We are adhering to Dutch national guidelines (RIVM)  in relation to the Corona crisis and are monitoring developments closely in the Netherlands as well as internationally. This allows us to act in a timely manner and in accordance with our business affairs in cooperation with our clients and partners.

KWR is researching Coronavirus

At the end of February, we informed the Dutch drinking water companies and Vewin that drinking water is well protected against all viruses including corona virus.

From our knowledge of viruses in water, we know that Dutch drinking water is well protected against viruses known to be waterborne, such as Adeno, Noro and Enterovirus. Drinking water companies preparing drinking water from surface water have multiple disinfection barriers aimed at removing bacteria, viruses and protozoa, which are also guaranteed by the Microbiological Safety Drinking Water Analysis. Groundwater is well protected against all microbiological contaminants, including viruses. The strict hygiene regulations for pipe installation and maintenance also ensure that the drinking water sector is well protected against all microbiological contamination.

Questions? Contact us!

We are constantly updating our website with the latest information. If you have any questions about contacting us, please call the main KWR number 030-6069511 or contact your usual KWR contact.

All KWR employees send their very best regards to you and your families at this challenging and uncertain time.