Year Review 2016

Joan Rose appointed KWR Honorary Fellow

The prominent international researcher, Joan Rose, was appointed KWR Honorary Fellow on 11 October during the congress of the International Water Association (IWA) in Brisbane. The KWR Honorary Fellowship is intended to recognise and honour individuals who have shown outstanding dedication to the institute and the collective.

Pioneering work

Rose has been appointed because of her enduring and pioneering research into microbiology, water quality and health, and her strong international commitment to stimulating excellent, socially-embedded research. She is a pioneer in the application of new scientific developments, such as metagenomics, in the water sector. Her accessible manner of communicating about water issues and research results, with a sensitivity to their relevance to society, has made her a model for other researchers in her field.

KWR Honorary Fellowship

Over the past few years, KWR has acquired an impressive and conspicuous position in the field of applied research into the watercycle. During this growth process, the commitment, the decisiveness and the support of certain individuals for KWR, and for the joint watercycle research programme, have been of vital importance. These individuals include managers, supervisors or proprietors from KWR circles, but also people from the institute’s wider national and international networks, of whom Rose is an excellent example.

Long-term collaboration

Rose is Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research at Michigan State University, and Co-Director of the Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA) and of the Center for Water Sciences. This year she was also awarded the prestigious Stockholm Water Prize for her contribution to public health through her research on water and health risks. KWR has collaborated with Rose and her research group since 1991. This has included work on the Global Water Pathogen Project, in which 150 scientists from all over the world, under her inspiring leadership, collect scientific information on pathogens in sewage water and the effectiveness of treatment techniques and other interventions in the watercycle.

Second KWR Honorary Fellow

Rose is the second person to be appointed KWR Honorary Fellow. Last year, Martien den Blanken, former director of the PWN water company was appointed because of his considerable and years-long dedication, as the director of a water company, to developing a compelling joint research programme and strengthening the innovation power of the Dutch water sector.