Former PWN director, Martien den Blanken, is first KWR Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellowship officially establishd

At the end of October 2015, Former PWN director Martien den Blanken became the first person to be named KWR Honorary Fellow. This inaugural appointment marked the official establishment of the KWR Honorary Fellowship. Through this initiative, in its role as a knowledge enterprise with a collective base and public mission, KWR manifests its desire to recognise and honour individuals who have shown outstanding dedication to the institute and the collective.

Years-long commitment to joint research programme

Martien den Blanken was appointed because of his considerable and years-long dedication, as the director of a drinking water company, to developing a compelling joint research programme and strengthening the innovation power of the Dutch water sector.

KWR Honorary Fellowship

Over the past few years, KWR has acquired an impressive and conspicuous position in the field of applied research into the watercycle. During this growth process, the commitment, the decisiveness and the support of certain individuals for KWR, and for the joint watercycle research programme, have been of vital importance. These individuals include managers, supervisors or proprietors from KWR circles, but also people from the institute’s wider national and international networks.