Q&A COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance live

The COVID-19 sewage research team has received a tremendous amount of questions about the research in recent weeks; from journalists, fellow scientists around the world, companies managing decentralized wastewater treatment plants and occasionally from concerned citizens. So far, we have always quickly answered these questions one-on-one. From now on this special ‘COVID-19 Q&A’ page will contain the most important questions and our answers about the COVID-19 sewage research. We can also use this page to cleverly answer new questions. Based on new questions we receive, we update the Q&A.

Water experts and citizens

Water experts at companies or governments and interested citizens can use the questionnaire on the Q&A page. This is the quickest way we can answer your questions.

Audiovisual media

News media who would like to reach us today for audiovisual media performances in the next 48 hours can contact press spokesperson Hans Ruijgers by phone.

Journalists can submit questions using this form. A completed form (with contact details and questions) will be sent as e-mail directly to Hans Ruijgers.