KWR: continuous commitment to the vital water sector

KWR continues unabatedly to provide knowledge and applications to the vital water sector. The KWR building respects all the corona measures. This has been confirmed by an outside specialist and KWR experts. Nevertheless, developments concerning the spread of the coronavirus have led KWR to again temporarily scale back the level of work in the building. KWR is thus contributing to reducing the number of contact moments between staff members among themselves and with visitors, in accordance with the tightened corona measures of the central government.

KWR staff are working from home when possible, and at the office when necessary. The laboratories, the test facility and the workplace have been in continuous operation since March to carry out our vital activities for the water sector.


In keeping with the corona measures, we are not organising any meetings in our building with our collaboration partners. KWR only receives visitors when strictly necessary. If you nonetheless have to visit KWR, we ask that you comply with the measures we have implemented and the basic rules of the government. If you have any symptoms that might indicate a coronavirus infection, we can unfortunately not welcome you.

Safe and connected

The management of KWR is keeping abreast of all developments and evaluates the measures taken with great regularity. Our guiding principle remains: working responsibly and safely at KWR, with an eye to connecting with colleagues and our relations.

Please contact us if you have any questions

We keep the information on our website up to date. If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please call our main number: 030-6069511, or get in touch with your fixed KWR contact person.