Innovation & Valorisation

Coordinating water research and creating value from knowledge

KWR initiates and coordinates research and innovation in the water sector. We do this within national and international networks, and in projects and programmes, together with a large number of other actors. To improve the valorisation of this research, we also study how one can best transfer knowledge and stimulate innovation.

Research programming

Our Innovation & Valorisation (I&V) experts coordinate the water sector’s joint research programme (BTO), intending to provide the Dutch water companies, De Watergroep (BE) and the branch association Vewin with top-quality scientific knowledge. We also coordinate the joint research of the dune water companies (DPWE). Moreover, we are the secretariat for the TKI Water Technology programme, which funds public-private research and innovation projects.

In all these research programmes, we contribute to knowledge transfer and implementation, for instance, by organising conferences and workshops. We focus on cross-sectoral collaboration to further shape the vital role water plays in the circular economy. Through our active participation in strategic networks like the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) and Water Europe, we harmonise research and influence the international research agenda of the European Commission.

Research collaboration

We initiate, design and coordinate joint research and innovation projects, often with international partners. We play a leading role in several Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 projects of the European Commission.

We share tested methods, techniques and experiences in Watershare, an international collaboration in which experts from leading knowledge institutes share and implement knowledge and expertise. We supply the Watershare director and initiate and support Communities of Practice (CoPs). Within these CoPs, together with our Watershare partners, we develop reference applications for global water sector challenges.

Research into knowledge and innovation

A responsive approach to research programming and strategic choices in collaborations with external parties requires a deep understanding of innovation models and processes. How can one best transfer knowledge and stimulate innovation? We study the knowledge and innovation dynamics in and outside of the water sector so that we can work continually on improving our research programmes, connections with other research projects and programmes, collaborations with end-users, and knowledge valorisation.