New BTO/WiCE 2024-2029 Research Vision: current and urgent

Eight themes and Water in the Circular Economy in the Research Vision

The BTO/WiCE Research Vision for 2024-2029 presents a varied and current programme with innovation, valuable knowledge development and a focus on societal impact. On 1 January 2024, the new BTO/WiCE programme for 2024-2029 began. The Thematic Research Programme comprises eight themes. In addition, there is the WiCE programme which is directed at the transition to a sustainable, circular economy, with a focus on water, with a six-year plan 2024-2029.

Drinking water utilities in the Netherlands and Belgium have a unique collaboration in the Joint Research Programme (BTO) and WiCE, which has been operational for a number of decades. In fact, in 2023 the water utilities celebrated the fortieth anniversary of this collective research programme for the drinking water sector. The major societal assignment, in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, requires answers to the collective challenges facing the drinking water sector. The BTO/WiCE programme generates the knowledge needed to meet these challenges. Solid, reliable and top-quality scientific knowledge, innovation and technology. The BTO/WiCE research also benefits the scientific and professional communities in the water sector, as well as society more generally.

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