Knowledge valorisation

This project is part of the Water Quality Knowledge Impulse programme. The knowledge acquired in the Knowledge Impulse must find its way to practice and prove its utility in that context. This calls for a coordinated approach to the exchange, use and documentation of the knowledge. This is the objective of the Knowledge Valorisation project.

What is the problem?

In the Water Quality Knowledge Impulse we’re setting to work by giving priority to the acquisition of knowledge and insights that will enable an accelerated improvement in water quality. However, the programme’s success will be determined essentially by whether we’re able to link the acquired knowledge and insights to the practices of the Water Authorities and of water management. This is where knowledge valorisation enters the picture: adding value to the knowledge.

What are we going to do?

In this project we will stimulate the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge. KWR and its partners will bundle the results of the Water Quality Knowledge Impulse projects and make them accessible. We will also promote the dissemination and the permanent practical implementation of the programme’s results. In this way, the project aims to ensure that the Knowledge Impulse projects actually contribute to the improvement of water quality.

How are we going to do this? Together with our partners, we will facilitate and support the exchange of knowledge within and between the Knowledge Impulse projects. We will bundle and unlock the results of the Knowledge Impulse projects and of the associated National Water Quality Analysis. We will look after the communication of the programme with other stakeholders involved, including the partners of the Delta-approach Water Quality and Fresh Water. This project will also provide the programme’s financial and administrative coordination, and ensure coordination between projects and stakeholders.

What will the project yield?

One of the project’s returns is the website. The site explains each of the different projects, but also presents news, background material on the programme and (interim) project results. In this manner, we will report the progress and valorisation of the separate projects and of the programme as a whole, as well as store this information.