IWA Copenhagen - KWR seminar on circular economy

Circular Economy: Taking stock of the value of (waste)water

Evenement details

The circular economy has gained momentum, in particular, to prevent or at least lessen the pressures from growing and dynamic socio-economic and business-oriented ecosystems. In this session, we will show and discuss the value of and value in (waste)water with a particular focus on creating systems solutions, symbiosis and value chains in the transition to a circular economy.

Following keynotes on water and energy in the circular economy, a series of short presentations on several initiatives related to water reuse and material recovery will be presented. The short presentations will be followed by round table discussions to address critical questions and issues on water reuse and material recovery in the circular economy.

Session mentor

The mentor of the session is Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia (Senior Scientific Researcher at KWR & Watershare Programme Director).


The session will be held in Ballroom 180 of the Bella Sky Hotel, next to the Congress venue.

KWR booth at IWA

Please visit our booth (No. C2-331) at the IWA Exhibition.