Geothermal energy experience of KWR to the USA

The Netherlands is world leading in the application of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES). The potential for ATES however, is present around the world, as long as the climate has a distinctive warm and cold season and aquifers of sufficient capacity are present. The reason that ATES is not booming in other parts of the world is because of lack of knowledge, skills, awareness and/or obstructive legislation. The East coast of the US has favorable conditions but there are no ATES systems operational. Local authorities and developers are keen to sustain the energy system and would like to learn from the Dutch experience, legislation, organization and quality control on ATES systems. For example, New York recently adopted the goal to reduce 80% Green House Gas emission reduction by 2050. Since over 65% of the total energy in de city is used for space heating and cooling they need to sustain the climate installations of all the buildings. Because many of them are heated by steam networks this is an enormous challenge, they need every measure and technology, including ATES.

For a government to government program I was invited to put our Dutch experience in the US context; both geohydrological conditions, as well as the regulatory framework are different from the Netherlands. During one week I traveled with Gerwin Hop, Jarda van Sprengen (Dutch-ates), Tim Kreukniet (Energy Transition New York) and Ted Zwietering (Den Haag) along the East-coast where we held different presentations for real estate developers,  municipalities, federal and state departments.