Innovations can and will be tested in a realistic and safe environment under both conditioned and extreme conditions

Organising the Veghel experimental plot

Ralph Beuken MSc, Joost van Summeren PhD

  • Start date
    01 Jan 2018
  • End date
    31 Dec 2018
  • Principal
  • collaborating partners

In this project, we are creating a scientific basis for the organisation of water company Brabant Water’s future ‘infrastructural experimental plot’ in Veghel for the specific area of expertise that relates to those new materials, implementation methods and inspection techniques for the underground water infrastructure that are used in practice.

Experimental plot designed to test innovation

In its strategic programme Vitalisation, Brabant Water wants to realise process improvements and technical innovations and thus make it possible to achieve an increase from 150 km to 400 km of remedial work per year. To test out innovations in a practical setting, Brabant Water aims to set up an experimental plot close to the Veghel pumping station. Within this experimental plot, innovations can and will be tested in a realistic and safe environment under both conditioned and extreme conditions. These will include for instance innovations relating to new materials, network configurations, installation & removal techniques, inspection techniques, leakage losses and measuring techniques & control engineering. KWR provides support for the organisation of these tests, which objectively test substantiated theories or hypotheses and mean that we can be sufficiently confident about the results obtained.

KWR advises on the tests to be selected and on their scientific execution

KWR’s scientific knowledge and expertise has led to it being involved in the design of the experimental plot. KWR’s activities have been concentrated in the following areas:

  • advising on the selection of the areas of research
  • translating the formulation of the problem and the theoretical context into a plan for the research project and a (conceptual) design
  • advising on ways of ensuring the quality of the measurements taken (representativeness and accuracy of the measurement set-up, reproducibility of the results, implementation of an evaluation methodology so that research results can be compared).

KWR ensures that the starting points are recorded and that the tests are organised

In order to ensure that the tests are scientifically valid in nature, we need to properly document the organisational and execution processes. It is in these areas where KWR is providing support.