Uniform Failure Registration Database Workshop

Approval of Uniform Failure Registration Database (USTORE): last step before delivering operational code

Good failure registration is very important in underpinning a water-main replacement policy. Indeed, failure registration is one of the building blocks for drinking water companies in designing rational asset management. To support failure registration and the improvement of data and data processes, the Dutch drinking water companies and KWR have jointly developed the Drinking Water Operational Code (PCD, in its Dutch initials) for Uniform Failure Registration Database. On 31 October 2017, the PCD was explained during a workshop on the Uniform Failure Registration Database. Following its approval by the companies concerned, the definitive PCD will be delivered in November 2017.

Importance of uniform failure registration

Since 2009, eight Dutch drinking water companies have been entering their failure data into the Uniform Failure Registration Database (USTORE) software. The registration is carried out according to a jointly agreed procedure. The positive result of this uniform approach is that the failure data of different companies can be compared, and consequently more information is available for the generation of knowledge about specific water-main cohorts, and about the role of environmental factors in the failures. In addition, the level of attention given to the quality of the failure data has increased, and new possibilities now exist to provide more complex data and GIS analyses through USTORE web, which is the web app that gives access to USTORE for the drinking water companies. In order to secure and update the data provision upon the registration and analysis of failures, a project has been launched to establish a quality standard for USTORE data.

Uniform failure registration workshop

On 31 October 2017, the ‘Uniform Failure Registration Database (USTORE): today and in the future’ workshop will be held at KWR in Nieuwegein. The following subjects will be addressed:

  • Drinking Water Operational Code (PCD) for Uniform Failure Registration Database
  • Results of failure analysis using USTORE
  • Possibilities for USTORE as of 2018

Naturally, you’ll also have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other stakeholders. You are cordially invited to attend this workshop. During the afternoon interactive sessions, we want to do some brainstorming in groups, and invite you to think along with us about (failure) registration and the future of USTORE. The idea is that, by the end of the afternoon, we’ll be able to formulate an image of what lies in the future for USTORE. The results of this workshop are important for the further development of USTORE in 2018 and beyond. Since we will be expressly discussing aspects of analysis and the utility of registration with a view to better asset management, we would particularly like to invite data analysts and decision-makers.