New fit-for-purpose decision support tool for pipeline inspection technologies

Watershare is proud to announce the launch of a knowledge-based and decision-support toolbox for water and wastewater network inspection, rehabilitation, and monitoring technologies and methods. The toolbox was developed within the Future-Proof Water Infrastructure Community of Practice (FPWI CoP).

As identified by the FPWI CoP members, it is often difficult for network operators, asset managers or consultant engineers to select the most appropriate technology for pipeline inspection, rehabilitation or monitoring, given the specificity of the issues in each network, the available budgets and the multitude of technologies available on the market. Typically, this leads to the use of tools that are partially fit-for-purpose, based on in-house knowledge. Aware and affected by such factors, the members of the FPWI CoP are collecting their knowledge on technologies, tools and implementation cases (case studies) in a central repository, which will become the knowledge base for a new decision-support toolbox.

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