KWR signs Covenant on hydrogen in mobility – Province of Utrecht

On 23 April, KWR will host the signing of the covenant ‘hydrogen in mobility province of Utrecht’, aiming to stimulate the production and use of green hydrogen for mobility in the Province of Utrecht. The covenant is an initiative of the Province of Utrecht, the Energy Collective Utrecht Businesses (ECUB) and KWR itself.

Between now and 2025, we aim to collaborate with other partners to build several hydrogen filling stations and ensure that hundreds of heavy and light vehicles and vessels run or sail on hydrogen. In doing so, the parties intend to contribute to the implementation of the Climate Agreement.

Hydrogen filling stations in the province of Utrecht

The Province of Utrecht has been active in the field of hydrogen in mobility over the past years. To ensure Utrecht becomes THE green hydrogen region of the Netherlands, parties will develop the needed infrastructure and stimulate the use of green hydrogen as a source of fuel. The parties seek collaboration with local entrepreneurs to generate impact and engagement.

Ambition and collaboration

The parties signing the Covenant express the ambition to stimulate the use – and where possible the production – of green hydrogen for mobility in the province of Utrecht. From their role in the period 2021-2025, the parties will contribute (directly or indirectly) to the realisation of

  • 5-10 hydrogen filling stations
  • 300 trucks and other heavy vehicles on hydrogen
  • 1500 lighter vehicles (such as passenger cars and delivery vans) running on hydrogen
  • 1-2 hydrogen-powered vessels
  • 2-5 hydrogen-powered (touring) buses

With this initiative, the parties contribute 10% towards the ambition of the Climate Agreement.