Appreciation of individuals who distinguish themselves in their dedication to joint watercycle-related research

Honorary Fellowship

Through our Honorary Fellowship we express our appreciation of individuals who distinguish themselves in their dedication to joint watercycle-related research. Honorary Fellows constitute our professional reference; their importance lies in their commitment, energy and support. Among other things, the honorary title underlines our awareness that serving the public good in the field of Dutch and international water management requires special knowledge, expertise and experience that only in exceptional cases are to be found in a single person.

KWR’s CEO appoints a maximum of one lifelong fellow every year upon the recommendation of the management team, which previously consults the chairs of the KWR Scientific Council and Supervisory Board on the matter. KWR’s first Honorary Fellow was appointed in 2015: Wim van Viersen appointed Martien den Blanken, former director of PWN Waterleidingbedrijf Noord-Holland, as the first KWR Honorary Fellow. In the following years, Joan Rose, Willy Verstraete en Ad van Wijk were appointed KWR Honarary Fellow.


Oud PWN directeur Martien den Blanken eerste KWR Honorary Fellow Martien den Blanken was appointed Honorary Fellow in 2015, because of his considerable and years-long dedication, as the director of a drinking water company, to developing a compelling joint research programme and strengthening the innovation power of the Dutch water sector.

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Joan Rose web The prominent international researcher, Joan Rose, was appointed Honorary Fellow in 2016, because of her enduring and pioneering research into microbiology, water quality and health, and her strong international commitment to stimulating excellent, socially-embedded research.

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Willy Verstraete en wim KWR bestowed Professor Willy Verstraete in 2017 the Honorary Fellowship in recognition of his great contributions to research into microbial processes and to responsible resource and environmental management.

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In 2018, KWR awarded Ad van Wijk this Honorary Fellowship in recognition of his great contribution to the institute. Van Wijk was not only the inspirer of the line of research on water and energy at KWR, but he also helped set it up.

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