Exploring standard tests for effect-measurements for chemical water quality

Neurotoxicity is the occurrence of adverse effects on the nervous system. Particularly during its early-development stages, the brain is sensitive to disturbances caused by exposure to substances in food for instance, or via the environment. Numerous developments in the area of cell tests for neurotoxicity, which involve nerve cells of animals or humans, are making the measurement of many different relevant effects possible.

Neurotoxicity bioassays for water quality

Despite concerns about the possible presence of substances with such neurotoxicity mechanisms in the aquatic environment, there are no standard tests for effect-measurements for chemical water quality with regard to neurotoxicity. KWR is carrying out an exploration into the availability and suitability of such tests. To this end, we have established contacts with academic groups and research institutes in the Netherlands and Germany active in the area of neurotoxicity and/or effect-measurements for water quality, and with relevant parties in the Dutch business sector.