First issue of ‘ROND Water’ on water in the circular economy

Riksta Zwart, WiCE core group: “Operating with stakeholders will become the norm”

‘ROND water’, a WiCE magazine on water in the circular economy, has just been published. This first edition includes an interview with Riksta Zwart, the director of the Groningen Water Utility and chair of the WiCE core group.

In the Water in the Circular Economy (WiCE) programme, the water utilities and KWR are working with partners in and around the water chain on efficiency and the reuse of water and raw materials, and on water and energy. Riksta Zwart has been leading the WiCE core group on behalf of the water utilities since the start of the programme. In ROND water, she argues that water utilities need to look outside their own field in eighty percent of their activities. Organisations have to work with society, new technologies and other parties. “WiCE studies are funded by other parties in addition to water utilities. In that way, you establish a broader perspective and support,” Zwart says.  

Impact extends beyond drinking water sector

In addition to raising the awareness of WiCE in the drinking water sector, Zwart wants to have a broader impact. “We also want to be talking to people on the outside about this philosophy and the results. It is a concrete challenge is to scale up or adapt the outcomes of previous research from WiCE for use in other regions, industries or circumstances.”

Riksta Zwart, Waterbedrijf Groningen

Riksta Zwart: “We also want to be talking to people on the outside about the WiCE philosophy and the results.”

Target group

ROND Water was published for the first time in the spring of 2024 and the aim is to produce several editions. The magazine is digitally available and intended for anyone involved with water in the circular economy, drinking water utilities, water authorities, provincial and municipal authorities, and other interested organisations.

Everyone is welcome

Do you have a question about WiCE that you would like to take up with parties in and around the water sector? You are welcome to join WiCE. Contact programme managers Joep van den Broeke or Henk-Jan van Alphen so we can look at how WiCE can help.