Annual Review 2022: people are at the basis of our water research

The KWR Annual Review 2022 focuses on the global water challenges. Our researchers shared their insights and results, covering the broad KWR research agenda, throughout the year. In this Annual Review, we proudly offer you an overview of their contributions.

KWR performs at a high scientific level thanks to the commitment and expertise of our researchers. They illustrate how water connects us all and can provide direction for solving global challenges. We research how to apply data best to address water issues, how to deal with ‘forever chemicals’ like PFAS and secure the supply of safe and sufficient drinking water. We assess the impact of climate change on water availability and the significant role of water in the circular economy. Thanks to the collaboration with many international partners and the publication of scientific articles, the commitment, involvement, and knowledge of KWR experts reach beyond the Netherlands, beyond today – and regularly beyond the limits of their scientific expertise.

Early careers

In his foreword, CEO Dragan Savic reflects on the past year. A period in which we were able to recruit many new, highly qualified scientists and in which our early careers – as well as those of water companies – shared their views on the future of drinking water, based on the GRROW research.

Technology and people

Together with the Dutch, Flemish and international (drinking) water sectors, we are committed to finding answers to the global water challenges in 2023 and beyond, by deploying science and technology. And by giving a leading role to our experts.