Co-makership towards better solutions for the water sector

“If there is one thing two years of living with COVID-19 has taught us, it is that working together is the way to find answers to the complex challenges the water sector and the world are facing.” This is stated by Dragan Savic, KWR CEO, at the time of the publication of the KWR 2021 Annual Review.

Savic explains that working together towards a common goal is a basic definition of co-makership and the preferred approach at KWR. Therefore, it is the theme of this annual review.

Interaction and collaboration in research

Co-makership is based on interaction and collaboration throughout the different phases of the research process. Connecting with clients, colleagues, and research partners is the start of co-makership and helps build trust as a foundation for solid results. KWR-experts Jolijn van Engelenburg and Raul Glotzbach are interviewed on how they apply this concept in the Joint Research Programme for the Water utilities and Watershare.

Our key topics

Our key topics are the circular economy, healthy people and the environment, biodiversity, and citizen engagement. For the Annual Review 2021, we selected five stories about how we apply co-makership as a solution to reach a water inclusive society.