Water Sector

Annual Report 2015: ‘The circular economy as social contract’

You’ll find our Annual Report 2015 on our website. With all the facts and figures, an overview of the key news items of 2015 – including a video of the opening of our new building – and, naturally, of all the experts involved. You will read for instance that in the summer of 2015 we had our hands full researching the pyrazole discharges in the river Meuse. That Arcadis and KWR made a start with Allied Waters. And that the Watershare network expanded steadily.

‘We’re aware that knowledge yields the most for society when it is produced with a chain perspective: knowledge (research), skills (competences) and market (valorisation),’ says KWR’s CEO, Wim van Vierssen. ‘Knowledge as the fulcrum between problem and solution, between public and private, and between science and citizen. By accepting responsibility for a more sustainable watercycle, we also do so for a more sustainable society. As a public knowledge institute we feel bound to this social contract. In this context, 2015 was a highly productive year for us.’

Read more in our Annual Report 2015.