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Connected to the world

In conversation with KWR director Dragan Savic

Water plays a key role in health, climate change, energy and food issues. For Director Dragan Savic this is reason to look ahead with a broad view on water in the annual review. “As KWR, we must increasingly connect our years of water expertise and experience of working in Europe with the rest of the world.

“KWR has everything it takes to be a global player in sustainable development.”
Prof. Dragan Savic FREng
Prof. Dragan Savic FREng

Sustainable development objectives

Worldwide societal developments show that problems are not solved by technology alone. Whether it concerns, for example, water reuse, drought or legislation and regulations, a broad social context must be taken into account in all water-related issues so that customers and citizens are involved.

Against this background, KWR is focusing more and more visibly on sustainable development objectives that are topical worldwide. “In the past, technologies were often copied and applied elsewhere,” says Dragan Savic. “That no longer works. In developing countries, steps we have taken here may be skipped. For example, instead of centralised water systems, we may be looking for decentralized or hybrid systems. Digitization is inevitable. KWR has everything it needs to be a global player in these developments, and that’s what I want to invest in next year”.

Driving innovation

KWR is increasingly driving the innovations that are needed. Our institute operates in an ever-expanding network of knowledge institutes and partners from the field.

Within the Dutch water sector, we are seen as the supplier of innovative research, often in an international context. A trend that has increased enormously, especially since the establishment of Watershare by KWR in 2012.

In 2019 several Chinese partners became a member of Watershare. And Cyprus also joined, which means that the entire Mediterranean region can now be involved in the development of the water sector. Dragan Savic: “An excellent illustration of our ambition to grow internationally.

Social responsibility

In line with the development outlined above, it is obvious that the Netherlands occupies a leading position in sustainable development objectives for the water sector.

“A good example is how we deal with our water treatment waste,” says Dragan Savic. “We are able to recycle virtually everything. Everyone should know that the quality of drinking water in the Netherlands is extremely high. And that our water companies perform excellently despite all kinds of requirements. I feel the social responsibility that KWR continues to invest in that top position. With research, projects and the training of PhDs. It’s crucial to bring our knowledge and experience far beyond our national borders. So that others can apply it in their specific situation”.

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