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Every year KWR researchers publish a large number of articles: scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and articles in specialised media. Moreover, the number of times that the scientific publications by KWR researchers are cited by others increases every year. A major part of these publications are based on reports that we prepare for numerous clients. We also collaborate with others on reports and books, and we answer questions raised in the public media. Chief Science Officer, Kees van Leeuwen, responds to questions about the importance of these different forms of publication.

What is the importance of peer-reviewed papers for an applied research institute like KWR?
Van Leeuwen: ‘There are five aspects to characterising a customer-centric organisation, to borrow from organization expert, Claude Zarrouk: general client satisfaction, information and feedback, innovation and development, profit or efficiency and, lastly, image. All five play a role with regard to peer-reviewed papers. We work on innovation and development, we make the resulting knowledge available to clients and fellow scientists, we do it efficiently, and we thereby contribute to KWR’s position as a first-rate knowledge institute.’

Scientific papers are increasingly available as open-access publications. What is the reason for this development?
Van Leeuwen: ‘The Dutch government strives to achieve 100% open-access publications, that is, scientific papers that can be read by all for free. This fits in well with KWR’s policy, since we too want to openly share our knowledge.’

Besides scientific papers, we also write articles in specialised media for water-sector professionals, and we answer questions raised in the public media. Why are these important?
Van Leeuwen: ‘Our specialised media articles are directed at implementation in water practice. But having an impact also involves – and perhaps mostly involves – being visible in other media. Many managers don’t read scientific papers or specialised articles. They are often driven by the news in the public media. That’s why these are also important channels for KWR. As is social media, in which we are already very active and, indeed, intend to make use of even more in the year ahead.’

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reference date 27 February 2019

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