Freshwater of sufficient quality for human consumption is becoming scarce. In India the availability of such water is a matter of concern. The growing wealth and population create greater needs and thus higher consumption, while tighter standards are being imposed on drinking water quality. In this context, Water4India is studying alternatives for water treatment at the community level.

Assessment of water supply

Water4India focuses on a better water provision in rural India, with both water supply and quality being the main points of attention. In addition, information about current and future Indian water needs is being detailed. Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) is being used to study the water quality.

Water4India is developing a decision support system (DSS) with the objective of identifying the best solutions, taking into account both costs and sustainability (like energy consumption). The user-friendliness of the proposed water treatment technology and sampling techniques is a key consideration. Validation will be carried out in a number of pilot communities in India with different climate and social conditions.

Communication and implementation of project results

Water4India strives to transfer knowledge to the local water companies and laboratory staff.