Highly polar compounds I

An understanding of the presence of highly polar compounds in sources of drinking water is important because these substances can threaten drinking water supplies. This is because highly polar compounds can spread well in water and soil, and they are also often difficult to remove during the treatment of waste water and drinking water.

The current HILIC non-target screening method detects only a subset of these highly polar compounds. Highly polar acids and anionic compounds in particular are not detected properly. A non-target screening method has therefore been developed as part of the Sector Research (BTO) that can be used to screen and monitor sources of drinking water for the presence of polar acids and anionic compounds so that they can be identified in good time.

The report deliverables are:

  1. A non-target screening method to detect and identify highly polar compounds in drinking and surface water.
  2. An overview of known and unknown detected compounds in drinking water.
  3. An understanding of highly polar acids and anionic compounds in the water cycle through a monitoring study.
  4. An addition to existing methods to extend the range of compounds that can be detected.