The new HydroMonitor: even better view of groundwater dynamics

Successor to Menyanthes launched

KWR today launched HydroMonitor: a multi-faceted tool for hydrologists and the successor to Menyanthes. The tool is the outcome of years of development, surveys of user wishes, and research into the best methods to make the program future-proof. On the basis of national data sources, HydroMonitor offers a complete picture of the external influences on groundwater levels.

HydroMonitor can quickly and easily clarify the hydrological situation in an area. The tool was developed by KWR and contains all the functionalities for time series analysis and visualisation from the preceding Menyanthes (Hydro-Times). The design can be implemented internationally, fed with new data sources and be integrated with supplementary modules.

Multi-faceted tool for hydrologists

The groundwater level is influenced by a variety of factors, such as precipitation, evaporation, groundwater abstraction and the water level of streams, canals and rivers. With HydroMonitor every hydrologist and ecologist can analyse time series, with no need to invest the time and have the scientific expertise that is required by other programs. HydroMonitor is generally applied in variety of ways to get a grip on groundwater systems. For example, to assess whether water management measures have the desired impact on groundwater levels. Or to quickly produce groundwater statistics from a time series set.

Free license

HydroMonitor’s predecessor is Menyanthes, which is now used by more than 150 organisations in the Netherlands and internationally: Water boards, provinces, municipalities, water utilities and land managers. KWR itself frequently also uses Menyanthes in its own research. The program’s successor HydroMonitor is expected to achieve similar popularity. Users with a Menyanthes Service Agreement can transition to HydroMonitor for free.

KWR will organise demonstration sessions for HydroMonitor in May and June. If you are interested, or have questions about the tool, you can contact our support team directly: .