The first exchange of experiences between B-WaterSmart Living Labs

Six European coastal regions at work at achieving water smartness

Representatives of the 36 partners in the B-WaterSmart project shared their first results working with Living Labs and communities of practice during a steering board meeting on March 14 and 15. B-WaterSmart aims to achieve water smartness and a sustainable water future. The research is based on specific problems in six European coastal cities and regions with great ambitions to tackle their challenges and opportunities by implementing water-smart technology and management solutions.

On March 14 and 15, the project steering board meeting of the H2020 project B-WaterSmart ook place. This meeting was an opportunity to share the project’s first results, which will run into 2024, and discuss how we can achieve water smartness and a sustainable water future.

Living Labs

B-Watersmart, short for ‘building a water-smart society and economy’, aims to develop and demonstrate smart technologies and circular economy approaches in six living labs. To implement those solutions more strongly in the practice of the water sector, technical and digital solutions and new business models are jointly developed by the project partners. The aim is to accelerate the transformation to water-smart economies and societies in coastal Europe and beyond by reducing the use of freshwater resources, improving the recovery and reuse of resources, and increasing water use efficiency.


A main part of the meeting was dedicated to workshops on each of the living labs in the project where the local challenges and ambitions were shared, and the solutions developed in the project were presented.


KWR presented the work in Living Lab Flanders together with local partners De Watergroep, Aquafin, Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt, Stad Mechelen and Vito/Vlakwa. We shared local case studies on improving drinking water availability and stormwater reuse for agriculture, as well as an interactive discussion on how a water smart and robust water system for Flanders can be achieved.

Next to the activities in Living Lab Flanders, within B-WaterSmart KWR manages the development of communities of practice, and the work package on water-smart application and data.

B-WaterSmart werkt met living labs in 6 kustregio’s