Water Sector

Independent validation important for legitimacy in the marketplace

Ecologisch Water Beheer’s (EWB) new website features a showcase for the Rain Shell, an innovation developed by the company for the sustainable treatment and storage of rainwater. Five pilot projects conducted during the Circular Rain TKI project are on show. “Our focus is on ‘the coalface’,” says Ger Pannekoek of EWB. “We also want to provide sound substantiation for how our system operates in order to establish customer confidence. This project contributes to that goal.”

An underground layer of shells in combination with a mixture of minerals. That, in a nutshell, is the system used in EWB’s Rain Shell. Rainwater is collected and retained by the open structure of the shell layer, then the mineral mixture removes mineral oils, heavy metals and PAHs. The aim is to re-use the rainwater for a variety of uses, with or without post-treatment.

Five pilot projects

The TKI project Circular Rain looked at the operation of the Rain Shell system in five very different pilot projects ranging from firefighting water to water for spraying sports fields, and from water for playing to process water for drinks production. Pannekoek: “We now have a broad-based analysis of performance in practice. The treatment results are clear and we know which when post-treatment is required. That independent validation is important for legitimacy in the marketplace. We also learned something new: our Rain Shell also turns out to deliver a certain level of microbiological treatment.”

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