Water Sector

Circularity of micronutrients in the spotlight

The recovery of elements like manganese, zinc and iron from waste streams was investigated in the TKI project, ‘Micronutrients in the resource loop’. A step in the right direction, in the view of Kees Roest, researcher at KWR. ‘The circularity of micronutrients risks being ignored with all the attention being paid to macronutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. This project provides a boost for the safe, informed and reliable use of residual streams in the future.’

Many micronutrients are trace elements that are indispensable for plant growth. This is why they are often added to artificial and organic fertilisers for agriculture. In light of the circular economy, it is important to bend the typically linear application of micronutrients with a view to closing the resource loop. This raises the question: Which micronutrients can be recovered from which waste streams, and what quantities are we talking about?

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