Multiple Value Creation Implementation

In this project we are developing and implementing an overall framework, an assessment framework and a process methodology to define and assess multiple values, for the purpose of sustainable investment in the water sector.

Multiple functions and values

The water sector has over recent years been paying increased attention to multiple value creation: realising several objectives through a single instrument. This attention is a product of the growing importance of circularity and sustainability. Furthermore, the pressure on available space is also increasing, particularly in the built-up environment. This means that we need to combine functions and make their design more compact. Multiple value creation can be of assistance in this context.

Pilot projects for sustainable districts

Over the last few years, within the WiCE programme of the Joint Research Programme of KWR and the water utilities, multiple value creation has been studied in a series of pilot projects. In Koppelkansen (Amsterdam), SUPERLocal (Kerkrade) and Brainport Smart District (Helmond), experiments have been carried out on design methodologies for the development of circular water systems. The desire for multiplicity exists in each of these pilots. However, an overall framework within which to set these values, a framework to assess them against each other, and a methodology to give shape to the associated process are all lacking.

Assessing different values

We aim in the present research, on the basis of the activities and experiences in the pilot projects, to develop an overall framework, an assessment framework and a process methodology for multiple value creation. In doing so, we are providing support to the work in the current pilots, while developing tools for the promotion of future sustainable district development.