Further development of Water Vision Nature

The Water Vision Nature (WWN) tool is being developed in phases. In the first phase, a user-friendly shell was created on the basis of existing knowledge. Thanks to the contributions of numerous organisations (STOWA, PBL, St. CAS, KWR, WENR, Delta Programme Freshwater Plan, Vechtstromen Water Authority), this phase has been completed, and the tool was indeed launched together with Water Vision Agriculture in late September 2018. Phase 2 now involves a key element of WWN, namely, improving the calculation of the acidity.

Improving acidity calculation

In the current version of WWN soil acidity is determined through knowledge-based rules. This involves several drawbacks. In the second phase of the project this approach is being replaced by a process-based approach which produces better results. The objective is to establish process-based meta-relations, so that the soil’s pH and the acidity indicator value of the vegetation can be reliably established.