Comparison and combined application of leakage-detection and localisation methods


Peter van Thienen PhD, Mario Castro-Gama MSc

  • Start date
    01 Jul 2018
  • End date
    31 Dec 2020
  • Principal
    TKI Watertechnologie
  • collaborating partners
    Dunea, Waternet, Witteveen en Bos

Water losses in drinking water distribution systems are a globally recognised problem. Drinking water utilities have a number of reasons to address this challenge. In the Netherlands image considerations are of particular importance while, elsewhere in the world, financial, ecological and regulatory reasons also apply.

In this project we are developing a tool for the assessment and operational application of several leakage-detection and localisation methods in combination. The tool’s validation will involve applying it to three areas with different characteristics (including size), using historical and experimental data.

Once available, the Dutch water utilities can apply the project’s knowledge and tool w to reduce their water losses. Moreover, the project partners will be able to use the knowledge and tool to provide Dutch expertise in the field to assist other countries reduce water losses in their distribution systems. The international market in particular offers a huge potential, given that a large part of the world is struggling with water losses of tens of percentage.

Typical sources of leaks in water pipes.


Methods for detecting leaks in a water distribution system. CALLISTO focuses model-based methods and data-driven data-driven methods.