Researchers at KWR, Exeter (UK), Greece and Spain, awarded price for their video on ‘Sewers4COVID’

Sewers4COVID is a digital observation prototype that can quickly and cost-efficiently detect outbreak hotspots at a national scale. The prototype combines Water-Based Epidemiology (WEB) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to forecast pandemic outbreaks in real-time and predict the consequences of various mitigation measures.

This award recognises the work done by the team during the pandemic to help map and predict COVID evolution.

The Global film competition is supported by IWA, IoW, Water Aid and British Water. The jury has awarded the video’s during the IWA Digital World Congress in May and will feature them in the run-up events to COP26 in November 2021. The video competition and accompanying award ceremony aim to build awareness about the challenges facing the world’s water systems ahead of COP26, help propel the water industry into the digital age, and show how the research community drives us towards solutions.

IWA Award.