KWR is part of Watershare, a true community of water experts

KWR is one of the 25 members of the international platform Watershare. Over the past year, Watershare has developed into a community of water utilities and research organisations that share knowledge, expertise and capacities. Members aim to increase outreach on water issues. By partnering, members can accelerate innovations towards the SDG’s and create impact. The recent launch of the regionals hubs strengthens the position of Watershare beyond Europe and supports the implementation of global expertise to address local challenges.

Regional Hubs: from global to local

Regional hubs use their networks to collaborate on new projects and technologies, taking into account the regional contexts and challenges. On the one hand, they accelerate the transfer of knowledge and implementation of solutions locally; on the other hand, they inspire the Watershare community with specific know-how. Watershare has the following four hubs:

  • Sub Saharan Africa– led by WRC
  • Latin America – led by AySA
  • Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean– led by CERIDES
  • Netherlands/Flanders – led by KWR

A shared vision for impact

Recently, members convened to reach a collective understanding of the mission of Watershare and define a common purpose to guide the community in the coming five years.