Water Sector

Sensitive membrane-integrity monitoring with natural viruses

Membranes are increasingly being used in drinking water production as a means of retaining undesirable particles and substances. It is very important that the membranes not break. Recent research shows that natural viruses are considerably more sensitive as a means of monitoring membrane integrity than are the usual methods. ‘This means that you can assess the state of the treatment system with greater speed and precision,’ says Han Vervaeren of the Belgian water utility De Watergroep. ‘This can only be of benefit for the monitoring.’

With drinking water sources under ever greater pressure, the use of natural viruses offers drinking water utilities even more benefits, explains Vervaeren. In the TKI project, ‘Natural viruses for monitoring the integrity of membrane installations’ (in Dutch), the efficiency of natural virus removal was assessed in the ultrafiltration process at an existing De Watergroep installation.

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