Water Sector

DEMOWARE: Governance workshops and launch Water Reuse Europe

In September KWR organised two workshops on water reuse governance with stakeholders in Sabadell (Spain) and Capitanata (Italy). Participants discussed good governance practices to enable water reuse, either for urban purposes in Sabadell or for agricultural irrigation in Capitanata. In addition to that the new association Water Reuse Europe was launched.

Realistic water quality standards, competitive tariffs for recycled water, and public involvement were considered of particular importance. The workshops were organised with local partners CASSA and ARTI of the European DEMOWARE project. The results of the governance research will be presented at the final DEMOWARE conference on 25 November 2016 at Puy-du-Fou (France).

One of the outcomes of the DEMOWARE project is the creation of an industry association for the European water reuse sector: Water Reuse Europe. The association was launched on 19 September with the mission of creating a collective identity for the European water reuse sector and promoting an innovative and dynamic industry. More information about becoming a member of Water Reuse Europe can be found at www.water-reuse.eu.