KWR member of Water Reuse Europe

KWR has become a member of Water Reuse Europe (WRE). This industry association for Europe’s rapidly growing water reuse sector is launched in 2016, and now has eighteen members across Europe. Through the online portals and activities of WRE, the existing network of KWR in the field of water reuse can be expanded even further. At the same time, WRE members can make use of KWR’s knowledge and activities in the field of water systems, water technology, governance processes and efficiently dealing with energy, raw materials and water itself.

The mission of WRE is to create a collective identity for the European water reuse sector and promote an innovative and dynamic industry. As members of Water Reuse Europe, companies, public bodies, trade associations, and research institutions can take advantage of stimulating opportunities for knowledge exchange, advocacy, and education.

For this purpose, the specific objectives of Water Reuse Europe are:

  • To raise public awareness and understanding of water reuse practices.
  • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge, good practices, techniques, research and experiences on water reuse amongst public and private entities involved in water reuse.
  • To promote European products, services, and expertise in water reuse to communities around the world.
  • To support European companies, and particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, in their efforts to commercialize safe and innovative water reuse solutions.
  • To facilitate improved links between the research base and knowledge/innovation users.

Responsible water reuse is an important research topic for KWR, focusing not only on technology but also on the water system, quality, risk, and governance issues.