30 June HOD Update: Networking afternoon for HOD

Event details

For everyone who has ever completed, or is still working on, the HOD (Advanced Education for Drinking Water), KWR and Stichting Wateropleidingen are organising a networking afternoon on 30 June: ‘HOD Update’.

Date: 30 June
Time: 13.00-17.30 (including drinks)
Location: KWR/Stichting Wateropleidingen, Groningenhaven 7, Nieuwegein

HOD Update will be dedicated to current events in the drinking water sector. During this first HOD Update, the focus will be on the opportunities and challenges resulting from the development of drinking water demand and water availability, and the sustainability of drinking water supplies. Willem van Pol (WML) and Klaas-Jan Raat (KWR) will outline what this means in concrete terms for the drinking water companies and how the collective research of the drinking water companies and KWR is contributing to solutions and new opportunities. The participants will then go to work in two workshops on a case study about the use of alternative sources and drinking water companies in a changing environment. The workshops will be followed by a network reception with drinks.

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