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Submission possible until 3 April 2023

The BTO Festival returns on 8 June 2023. On this festive day celebrating forty years of the Joint Research Programme (BTO), we will also present the 2023 Implementation Award. Submissions are now open.

Do you work at one of the Dutch drinking water companies, De Watergroep, Vewin or at KWR? And have you worked in a drinking water company and KWR team on the successful application of knowledge from BTO research? Then you qualify as a candidate for the BTO Implementation Award, which is handed out every two years.

The BTO Implementation Award rewards successful collaboration between employees of drinking water companies or Vewin and KWR researchers in which knowledge transfer has led to application in practice. It encourages the application of BTO knowledge and technology at drinking water companies and results in demonstrable improvements in methods or operations. The award also inspires others to go a step beyond the submission of a research report.

Comsima winner in 2021

In 2021 the award was won by Arnoud Drevijn and Jurjen den Besten (Spatial Insight), Peter Horst (PWN), Roel Diemel (Brabant Water), Bas Bouwman (Oasen) en Bas Wols, Karel van Laarhoven) and Andreas Moerman (KWR) for their work on Comsima. Comsima is a model for calculating stresses in water mains. Drinking water companies can use it to establish a physical basis for determining which pipe to replace when. The model has been used at several water companies and has led to a spin-off with a wonderful alliance of eight water companies, Spatial Insight and KWR. On 8 June 2023, we will present the award to the 2023 winning team on the BTO Festival Day at KWR.


You can submit nominations for the 2023 BTO Implementation Award with the form below. You may nominate a colleague, of course. Send the completed form by 3 April at the latest to .

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